A quick catch-up

I have sent in the latest revision on my book, and so now all that remains is to do all the things I have put off for the last several months. It turns out my dentist has put my records in storage–that is how bad things have gotten, upkeep-wise, chez moi.

In honor of the new year and the state of my bank account I have been taking public transportation into work, rather than driving in and paying the exorbitant parking lot fees in South Park, so I have been reading a bit more. Just finished Edward St. Aubyn’s magnificent Patrick Melrose novels. There is so much to say about these, and I am too tired and inarticulate to say it. But I will make this remark: I find it interesting that there are these certain English novels that simply begin by dropping you into situations or conversations without overly careful setup or “hooks.” (I guess I’m thinking of various Anthony Powell novels here.)

I’m now reading Heidi Julavits’ very enjoyable The Vanishers, which makes an interesting  contrast with St. Aubyn. Is it an American versus UK thing, I wonder? There’s definitely an American writing style that feels rather “optimized.”

I also recently read Laini Taylor’s Days of Blood and Starlight and Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone. If I can get to it will have to write more about both of these later!