Dreamwood a Common Sense Media Best Book of 2014

Common Sense Media has chosen some amazing books for its list of Best Books of 2014, and DREAMWOOD is among them! There are so many great titles, I’m hugely honored!! (P.S., I continue to use Common Sense Media as a guide to watching things with my kids. I ignored the warnings once–once!–and am now going down in family history as the parent who exposed sweet innocent kids to unfettered raunch–on Christmas Eve, no less. For the movie Love Actually, if you must know. So, lesson learned. Follow Common Sense!)

Dreamwood a best book of 2014 from Common Sense Media

Dreamwood in Common Sense Media recommendations for first half of 2014Common Sense Media has named Dreamwood as the best book of 2014 (so far) for older kids. If you don’t already know Common Sense Media, check them out. They provide parents and educators with trustworthy information about media offerings so they can make informed decisions. I have consulted them SO many times when I’m deciding whether a book or movie is something I think is appropriate for my kids. So needless to say, HUGE honor. Love you, Common Sense Media!