Music to write by

I’ve been doing some heavy, painful rewriting of a project that has me full of doubts, so I’m using music a lot as I work on it. But I can’t have just anything on, and even my favorite music will have me going off in the wrong direction. So when I’m stuck and need magic help to get instantly in the mood to write, I turn to one track and one track only. Arvo Part, Tabula Rasa – Silentium. I put it on auto repeat and play this into the ground.

Here, it only took me three hours of crawling around the back end of the wordpress plug-in directory to see if I could put up an audio sample of it on this blog. [audio:ärt_-Tabula-Rasa-2.-Silentium.mp3|titles=03 Pärt_ Tabula Rasa – 2. Silentium]

I think it’s still easily buyable. And now, since I’m a media-uploading fiend, here’s what the cover looks like.

Cover image, Arvo Part, Tabula Rasa, Fratres, Symphony #3