November author events!

Hey, I’m totally behind on updating things around here (*coughs at all the dust and clutter*). But I have a few incredible events happening in November. If you are around, please come see me and these fabulous authors at fun events guaranteed to share publishing wisdom and good times!

SCWBI Beyond the Bay
SCBWI Walnut Creek!
Saturday Nov. 1, 2-4 pm

So … back when I was an aspiring author of incredible newbie-ness, I would go see authors I admired talk about their publication stories at this very event. Now it is my time to give back! I am honored to be appearing with Arree Chung and Darcey Rosenblatt. In the spirit of All Soul’s Day, I might open a vein about how my publishing journey almost killed me. Or I might just give out a bunch of candy corn. Only if you come will you know for sure if this event ends in blood or sugar. So please come!

Let’s Talk Tween!
Pegasus Books on Solano Ave, Berkeley
Sunday Nov. 2, noon-2 pm

Pegasus is such an amazing indie bookstore in the Bay Area. And Manuela and Emily there are putting on an event with a dream cast of middle grade authors: Mike Jung! Esther Ehrlich! Anne Nesbet! (And, um, yours truly, hoping to hold her own.) We’re going to read, take questions, and I think Mike has floated a whole Chewbacca costume concept. So anything could happen. Including, perhaps, my first appearance as a wookiee.

McKinley Author Day
Friday Nov. 7
San Francisco

Guess what? If you are a young person at McKinley Elementary School in San Francisco, I am coming to see you. This will be our secret, as I don’t think adults or non-students are part of this deal. Let’s keep it between us, but I think this will involve stickers and great fun. See you soon!