The Shadow Clock!

Early notes for THE SHADOW CLOCK

Early notes for THE SHADOW CLOCK

So there is big, exciting news in my world, which is that I have a new book! I get to work with my fabulous editor Ari Lewin and the amazing folks at Putnam again, which makes me so very happy. Here is the deal description:

In THE SHADOW CLOCK, 13-year-old orphan Thorn is a renowned criminal in the dark market of buying and selling magic. All his skills are put to the test when a rival thief offers information about his family in exchange for a dangerous job.

I first made notes for this book in January of 2014. As it happens I was sitting in a cafe in downtown Oakland next to an ice skating rink where my daughter was at a birthday party. Just sitting there, eating a salad when inspiration struck! Part of the idea involved a thought-eating squid — which I’m pretty sure will not make it into the final manuscript (haha) — but I got the orphans, magic thievery, and Thorn. I am working on putting it all together while keeping pesky squids out of the story. In the meantime, it is fun to look back on early notes to myself that go like this:

But to what end …?
And how does it intersect with a rag-tag band of street urchins?

So, yes, to what end, indeed? (Can you picture me rubbing my chin and looking devilishly authorial at this question?) With a little elbow grease, luck, and the perfect writing playlist all should be revealed sometime in 2016. Huzzah!


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