Oh, gosh—some lovely Dreamwood reviews

I’ve been a bit behind collecting this stuff. In the last week or so some absolutely wonderful reviews have come in. Thank you reviewers, librarians, book people!

“A stunning debut with equal parts originality and heart.” —Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“As the story races from one fantastic or frightening adventure to the next, it skillfully combines reality with fantasy. … pure fun.” —VOYA

“Vivid desciptions … capture the imagination at every turn. Dialogue and perilous situations nudge the story along at a steady clip, with the second half a breathless page turner.” —School Library Journal

“Mackey’s descriptions of the creatures and hazards of the dreamwood are gorgeous and lush, a fantastic setting for a fantastic tale.” –Booklist

Dreamwood was also included in this year’s Summer Reading Preview from the LA Times. Thank you, LA Times!



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