A quick life recap

Oh boy, it’s been a while. I think I was up to something this past year, and here’s my best guess as to what it was.

– I bought my first smartphone. After dithering, I went for the iPhone (as my friend Juana said, anything the Blackberry can do, the iPhone can do cuter.) Now I’ve got tangled ear buds and twitchy fingers like everyone else in the Bay Area. But I do like … hell, love it.

– I picked up some freelance work as the project editor of a YA nonfiction series with the mission of bringing essential information to America’s youth. The first title is How to Be a Vampire, and I’ve since how-to’d my way through How to Be a Zombie (lurching soon toward a bookstore near you). Naturally, How to Be a Werewolf is in progress.

– I liked Breaking Bad.

– I got a Google Voice number.

– I started editing for NVIDIA and learned a whole lot about parallel computing and other things that just blow my mind.

– I bought my first midriff-exposing yoga top (although I don’t always wear it).

– I did a lot of rewriting and revising (including a bank-robbery scene that I still don’t know if anyone likes) and for the most part I did it without chocolate.

– I vaguely remember being bored to death by Wolf Hall when it came in the New York Review of Books, and now I fully intend to read it while awake since it’s won the Booker.

– I really liked Humpday.

– I started thinking, if Grant can blog three times a week, I can blog three times a year, dammit.

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